Acril Convex Mirrors
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Livestock Observation Mirrors

Convex Mirrors can significantly improve livestock observation and assist with heat detection. Mounting a Heavy Duty Acrylic or Stainless Steel Mirror above livestock (eg: during milking) can make it easier for a farmer to view the Tail Paint or Heat Mount Detectors on the livestock's backbone and tail area.

Outdoor Acrylic Mirrors

Part Code Mirror Size View Distance Hardware
18026S 300mm Acrylic Up to 21m Adjustable J-Bracket
18044S 450mm Acrylic Up to 28m Adjustable J-Bracket
18062S 600mm Acrylic Up to 38m Adjustable J-Bracket
18080S 800mm Acrylic Up to 48m Adjustable J-Bracket
18445S 1000mm Acrylic Up to 60m Adjustable J-Bracket
  • Heat detection.
  • Check backing gate placement.
  • Observe livestock in yard.

Outdoor Stainless Steel Mirrors

Part Code Mirror Size View Distance Hardware
16062S 600mm Stainless Steel Up to 42m Adjustable J-Bracket
16087S 800mm Stainless Steel Up to 60m Adjustable J-Bracket
16445S 1000mm Stainless Steel Up to 65m Adjustable J-Bracket
  • Heat detection and observation.
  • Unbreakable and easy cleaning.
  • Gravel roads.
  • Buildings with heavy machinery.

Two-Way Half Dome Mirrors

Part Code Mirror Size View Distance Hardware
18535HO 600mm Acrylic Up to 9m Adjustable J-Bracket
18553HO 900mm Acrylic Up to 12m Adjustable J-Bracket
  • Two-Way viewing at building exit.
  • Avoid heavy machinery accidents at entrances to buildings.
  • Check for pedestrians and vehicles at driveway intersections.

Inspection Mirrors

Part Code Mirror Size Handle Length
IM230HS 230mm Acrylic Lightweight 60 - 120cm
IM230HL 230mm Acrylic Lightweight 100 - 200cm
HIM230S 230mm Acrylic Heavy Duty 60 - 120cm
HIM230L 230mm Acrylic Heavy Duty 120 - 240cm
  • Portable heat detection.
  • Check hard to see machinery.