Inspection Mirrors

Portable inspection mirrors are invaluable for looking into hard to see places and are ideal for all applications from general observation to searching in high security areas. Use wherever direct observation is not possible. The mirror is supplied complete with a telescopic arm for easy use fitted with impact resistant acrylic mirror. Lightweight but sturdy fittings make using the inspections mirrors simple to use and the adjustable mirror head permits access to the most difficult of areas. The optional base light illuminates dark areas making observation that much easier. Inspection mirrors can view underneath, on top or around objects and inside small areas. Used by enforcement agencies, engineering, building maintenance, defence & protective services.

  • Can I use this mirror outdoor?
  • What size mirror should I use?

Typical Uses

Sizes & Order Information

Short telescopic arm extends from 600 - 1100mm
Long telescopic arm extends from 1200 - 2300mm
Optional base light to suit all models - add B designation to model e.g. IM150AS becomes IM150ASB


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What size mirror should I use?

The smaller units are both hand held; choose the size appropriate for your application. The larger 45cm look under mirror is suitable for under vehicle inspections. It is fitted with castors for easy mobility.

Can I use this mirror outdoor?

Yes use the inspection mirror wherever you need. The mirror is not designed however (nor is it waterproof) to be left exposed to the elements permanently. When not in use, dry off any moisture and keep stored in the padded storage bag.