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Outdoor Acrylic Mirrors

Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirrors are weather proof and are designed for general outdoor areas. The outdoor adjustable bracket is built to last and the specialized curve design is formed from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalized from 99% pure Aluminium for a superior clear reflection with no distortion. Suitable for many traffic safety and industrial situations, this outdoor safety mirror is easy to install and the fully adjustable bracket allows the mirror to be angled at the most effective position.

  • What is Celuka?
  • Can I mount the mirror vertically?
  • What size mirror should I use?

Typical Uses

DuraVision™ Range - Sizes and Order Information

Part Code Description
18026S 300mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror
18044S 450mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror
18062S 600mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror
18080S 800mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror
18445S 1000mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror

Can be pole mounted with 60mm or 75mm U-Bolt Kit


What size mirror should I use? (Outdoor EXT Series)

For outdoor applications the mirror needs to be larger than for indoor applications but as a general rule the combined distance between the mirror and the observer and the distant between the mirror and the object to be viewed will determine the correct size mirror. Always choose a slightly larger rather than smaller mirror. If the mirror is too small then the image it produces will be of little value but if the mirror is slightly larger than required, you only get more and an enhanced view!

  • Under 3 metres Use 300 or 450mm mirror
  • Combined distance 3 to 5 metres Use 45 or 600mm mirror
  • Combined distance 5 to 10 metres Use 60 or 760mm mirror
  • Combined distance 10 to 15 metres Use 76 or 90mm mirror
  • Over 15 metres use the 900m or larger for best observation

Can I install the mirror vertically?

All our mirrors are designed to be as universal and simple to install as possible. Yes, with the J-Bracket the mirror can be mounted in either orientation. The length of the arm is equal to at least the radius of the mirror so that the mirror can be adjusted to any angle without hitting the wall or ceiling.

What is Celuka?

Celuka is a PVC based material. It is rot-proof, will not warp and is UV stable. Celuka board is extremely light weight, water resistant, has low thermal conductivity and is widely used in the graphics and building industry. We use 10mm thick sheets for our outdoor mirrors providing a robust and durable frame that will last many years.