Traffic Convex Mirrors (TRF & SSM Series)

As the term implies this style of mirror is designed primarily for traffic type applications or where a reduced curvature mirror is appropriate. Most traffic applications has an observer (the driver) viewing from a fairly fixed angle thus the mirror can be flattened off to provide a larger more defined image without sacrificing the desired field of view. The Traffic style mirrors are the top of the line in construction and design with zinc plated, powder coated frames and visor (not plastic) fitted with a reduced curvature acrylic or stainless steel mirror. The mirrors are fitted with wrap type 2 piece zinc plated post clamps as standard or the optional (no extra cost) wall bracket. Use the SSM series for vandal prone or high risk areas where deliberate attack is possible. Stainless steel will not break and is the most robust and sacrificial mirror for high risk applications. For general purpose applications use the TRF or EXT series outdoor mirrors.

  • Should I use Stainless Steel or Acrylic?
  • What size mirror should I use?

Typical Uses

Sizes & Order Information

Stainless Steel Versions

Acrylic Mirror Versions

++Please specify fitting option when ordering -

W designation= wall fitting P60=60mm 50NB Post Clamp P75=75mm 65NB Post Clamp

Default fittings as follows - versions under 60cm fitted with wall fitting, 60cm mirrors fitted with P60 clamp, 80cm and larger fitted with P75 clamp


What size mirror should I use? (Traffic Series)

For outdoor applications the mirror needs to be larger than for indoor applications but as a general rule the combined distance between the mirror and the observer and the distant between the mirror and the object to be viewed will determine the correct size mirror. Always choose a slightly larger rather than smaller mirror. If the mirror is too small then the image it produces will be of little value but if the mirror is slightly larger than required, you only get more and an enhanced view!

For roads where the mirror is on the same side as the observer, use 60cm size or if the opposite side an 80 or 100cm is recommended. Lane ways are typically 60cm. Crossovers and driveways 45 or 60cm. Building entrance/exit points 45 or 60cm or if very narrow (under 3m width) use 30cm.

Should I use Stainless Steel or Acrylic?

This comes down to a number of factors. Both types will give similar visual results, so it depends on the environment the mirror will be placed in. The stainless steel mirrors are the most expensive but are also unbreakable and will withstand physical attack best. They are also excellent for harsh industrial environments. The acrylic version has the same frame but the mirror will not withstand physical abuse. If the mirror is to be placed in a low risk area (e.g. private property, safe area) then choose the acrylic version. Consider though that if the mirror is broken, the replacement costs (plus the original cost) will outweigh any saving over the cost of the stainless steel version!