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Quarter Dome Mirrors

Quarter dome mirrors are ideal for broad view observation providing over 90 degrees of vision. Quarter domes are discreet and fit between the ceiling and corner junction of 2 walls and provide 90 degree vision horizontally and directly below the mirror.

  • Why is this mirror for indoor use only?
  • What size mirror should I use?

Typical Uses

Sizes and Order Information

Part Code Description
18541H 600mm Indoor Quarter Dome Mirror
18560H 900mm Indoor Quarter Dome Mirror


What size mirror should I use?

Dome mirrors are used for broad observation at crossways and open intersections and typically there are 3 main applications.

  • Offices and Hospitals
    Use the 600mm for normal corridor situations or if you need extra detail go with the 900mm mirror.
  • Retail
    900mm mirror is the best choice for broad overview along the back wall, looking over shelving etc.
  • Industrial
    Use the 900mm mirror for forklift driver assistance. The 600mm is enough for pedestrian viewing dependingon distance.

Can I use the mirror outdoor?

This style of mirror is for indoor applications only. This style of mirror is designed to be viewed at close range to obtain the best results excluding its use as a practical mirror for outdoor.