Full Dome 360° Indoor Mirror

Full dome mirrors are ideal for broad view observation providing full 360°coverage of an area. There are 2 versions available; this version (acrylic) is for all general purpose applications; indoor use only. We also provide a fully framed version with unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel mirror for high security applications; correctional centres, protective wards and the like. For these applications please see the page on high security products.

  • Can I use this mirror outdoor?
  • What size mirror should I use?

Typical Uses

Sizes and Order Information

Part Code
600mm Indoor Ceiling Dome Mirror
900mm Indoor Ceiling Dome Mirror


What size mirror should I use?

Dome mirrors are used for broad observation at crossways and open intersections and typically there are 3 main applications.

Can I use the mirror outdoor?

This style of mirror is for indoor applications only. Being a 'domed' shape, the mirror curvature is much deeper than a normal convex mirror (Necessary for creating the wider field of view). This style of mirror is designed to be viewed at close range to obtain the best results excluding its use as a practical mirror for outdoor. The image size and definition will be too small considering the larger distances normally encountered.