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School Science Mirrors

Acril Convex also manufacture a set of concave and convex mirrors specifically for educational needs. These mirrors are designed as demonstration mirrors only, they are not designed for critical or precise work but as a teachers aid to demonstrate principles in light, solar energy and sound. The large diameter of the mirrors allows for the whole classroom to easily participate in experiments.

Dramatic effects can be achieved with the concave mirror by focusing sunlight onto dry timber causing it to ignite nearly instantaneously. Always a great affect to capture the students attention! Proper supervision and care is required when using the mirror out door or in direct sunlight. The mirror will focus sunlight to a pinpoint which can easily reach an intense temperature that can burn skin. Never focus sunlight onto any part of the body or shine into the eyes - always proceed with caution when using the mirror outdoors. The mirrors are supplied with instruction booklet, mounting base, hardware and are available in both concave and convex shapes.

Size and Order Information

Part Code Description
20664 Set of 2 600mm School Science Mirrors
20666 600mm Concave School Science Mirror
20666 600mm Convex School Science Mirror

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